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UQWO SEO experts , many lay people call it that, SEO experts are briefly experts, or seo experts or practitioners, and you can read about seo here

Why say SEO Expert? usually because the experience of someone who studies seo techniques is long and fulfills “flying hours” in the world of seo

International flight hours themselves are agreed to be around 5000 hours, so if someone has studied and also practiced seo, for 5000 hours of his life, he can be considered an SEO expert.

with a note that every day there is progress and the results are getting better day by day, of course with a lot of trial and error, making a person / seo company able to be predicated as an SEO expert

SEO Expert

SEO Expert Level

SEO practitioners like other seo practitioners and consultants, will learn from the basics
Basic seo that almost everyone can find on google / googling

this is an open secret, or everyone who wants to learn basic seo will be able to find with the right keywords like , how to learn seo , learn seo, what is seo , seo stands for? and many other generic keywords about SEO

Medium SEO Then there are seo lessons that can be said to be medium / medium, this requires more in-depth research, a bit of trial and error, and also costs quite a bit

the cost to learn medium seo, you can find a seo teacher / mentor who is also with intermediate abilities, this is the most common in Indonesia

The last is SEO Advance / Master / SEO Expert, this SEO Expert level is very much different from the intermediate level
Usually these seo experts are international, for Indonesia itself there are only a few names / agencies that approach them a bit
for these advanced SEO experts, they spend more time researching about seo, following details of seo and google updates, always practicing trial and error on existing seo issues and techniques, to prove the results for themselves.

they also learn directly through international seo teachers and practitioners who have been recognized by the world, namely those recognized by Forbes, CNN, BBC, Business Insider, NY Post and many more, who review their expertise in the field of Search engine optimization, which has been proven to increase turnover. and the profit and visibility of EAT Branding of the world’s largest companies


Cost of Hiring an SEO Expert

SEO experts themselves consist of 2, namely SEO services with large companies, usually more than 20 team members to handle their SEO clients
and also a small SEO consultant who is still working on his company, SEO experts in Indonesia are more for small seo (1 to 5 people)
The cost of hiring an SEO expert will depend on which company you contact, usually large companies will prefer large seo agency companies, for the following reasons

  1. More people/teams who can handle their company’s seo
  2. More specific expertise of each team, such as content creator, backlink specialist, website technical, public relations, social media specialist, etc.
  3. There is a guarantee they can provide
  4. Company Form PT / CV
  5. Responsibility as a company, can be legally accounted for (document legality of agreement/MoU for seo contract)
    SEO Expert
    The cost of an SEO consultant for a large seo agency company will be a little more expensive than an individual, but you get the 5 things above in return, and it greatly affects the results of your brand’s seo
    For a detailed guide to choosing an SEO agency, please click here
    Always remember that the brand of the company that you have built has a very high value, do not choose seo experts carelessly who can damage your company’s seo and brand.
    seo always costs money, and the results will be commensurate with the costs your brand spends, and if you still can’t pay for seo, for one reason or another, you should postpone your company’s seo project first, rather than choosing to use the seo services you provide. not sure of its credibility
    Undercover.co.id SEO Expert
    Undercover.co.id as an SEO Expert in the form of a Company and has also handled hundreds of corporate clients in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, always provides assistance to corporates who want to cooperate in terms of Search Engine Optimization
    we will be happy if you contact us, for the fastest first contact you can click whats app below, for initial consultation, or email to info @ undercover.co.id

Professional SEO Expert In Jakarta Indonesia

Jakarta Seo Expert, Why do all seo experts consider themselves to be Jakarta Seo Experts? even though most of them are not domiciled in Jakarta? Would you as a prospective seo service client domiciled in Jakarta believe it?
Facts Behind Jakarta Seo Experts
These seo service sellers only provide appendages, said the Jakarta Seo Expert
so that clients in Jakarta find their services, even though they are there

domiciled in Bandung, Yogyakarta, Medan to Bali
what are the disadvantages? If at first they don’t provide the right information, are you sure that in the future your project will be completed properly?
Jakarta Seo Expert Domiciled in Jakarta Office
One Pacific Place Jalan Jendral Sudirman No.kav. 52 RT.5/RW.3 Senayan Jakarta City of South Jakarta Special Capital Region of Jakarta 12190 Indonesia

open : 08.00 am – 17.00 pm
Monday To Friday
please check contact us

SEO Jakarta Experts Make Business Plans For SEO Clients

This year is indeed a year full of uncertainty, one of which is in the SEO industry. There are many changes in strategy and budget adjustments that occur in a day.

For you SEO professionals , this year along with all the problems of this pandemic will also have an impact on your clients, whether it’s good or bad. Some of the clients may be local businesses that will have to cut their budgets a lot in order to survive.

As an SEO professional, you cannot immediately guarantee that your strategy will be successful, but at least you can provide a business plan as a prediction for what will happen in the future. If you want to relate various SEO scenarios to their potential business impact, you must be able to estimate the performance of certain keywords and the required budget.

Here are some sample business plans that can help predict a client’s SEO scenario:
SEO expert Jakarta Maintain stable results

If your client wants to secure his business position as it is now, then you can focus on several existing keywords and take into account the factors that influence them:
• How is the search volume now and how will it be influenced by the latest trends that will emerge
• How is their website performing on desktop and mobile
• Is there any possibility of additional traffic that can further increase the ranking of this already good website
Keyword management strategy will take an important role in this business plan. You have to pay attention to some specific keyword groups such as, first page keywords, certain product categories, landing pages, possible new keywords, etc.
There are two scenarios that can be created in this business plan:
• Maintain website performance in accordance with existing ones by monitoring traffic and search trends
• Trying to increase rankings with new “easy” keywords

For example, if your client is a hotel business that has been booked until the end of next year, then you only need to do some maintenance practices and prepare some additional keywords to maintain the trend.

Jakarta SEO Expert Optimizing certain keyword groups for growth

If your client wants to invest more money in SEO marketing, then you have to think about how to make the most of it.
You can find underrated keywords that are easy and not too expensive from the results of your client’s competitor analysis. Try to find a solution that fits your budget and still has the potential for future development.

You can search high value keywords with low difficulty for your clients. Create scenarios to be able to optimize the client’s website and have a positive impact to beat other competitors, but still in a cost-effective manner.

For example, your client is a travel business that is sluggish during this pandemic. Although next year may not change too much, maybe the atmosphere will improve during the “Eid holiday 2021”. Or maybe you need to shift your focus by looking for keywords related to local travel.

SEO Jakarta Expert Manage your client’s business trends

If your client is a business whose trend is “exploding”, you can use it to improve website performance and increase its popularity. You can start by predicting whether this trend will last and what the scenario will be in the future.
Then you can create keyword strategies for “intermediate” and “difficult” levels and improve rankings for relevant keywords. You can also make predictions for trend changes that may occur, so that clients can still maintain rankings even though the momentum has passed.

For example, your client is a furniture business. The current trends are “work desks” and “office chairs”, but you can make predictions about other possible relevant trends such as “folding tables”, etc.

3 Important Things From SEO Jakarta Experts About SEO in 2021

As a part of technology, SEO also inevitably will continue to experience changes and developments. Here are 3 important things to consider regarding the implementation of SEO techniques in 2021:

The quest goal changes
Understanding the wishes of visitors is one of the important points

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